Got an EXTRA response!! Woo hoo!! :-)


Got a reply for "Doctor Who"...super stoked and want to brake freeee!!


I've experienced my first auditioning for "Dracula". Had a great time as well.


Thank you blessed Casting 360 for putting me in touch with IndyGirl World International. They are opening the realities and horrors of domestic violence, silenced for so long. When I wrote my story, it meant drudging up for educational value the most painful and devasting moments of my life. I cried as all the memories flew forward into my mind and i documented them in words, as though in real-time. It took me 3 days to feel anything, before I snapped back to the vulnerability of interacting with others. I am a survivor. It is extremely rare for me to disclose this level of intimate pain. But Casting 360 put me in touch with IndyGirl World International, and i will be sending a 1 minute video as a result of my application. Casting 360 and IndyGirl World International answered my petitions to the Lord. IF DV CAN HAPPEN TO ME---IT CAN HAPPEN TO A N Y O N E. I will be filming this audition from the safety of my parish church. Surviving does not mean "it goes away". It means you have come to terms with it, beginning with stopping it. THANK YOU CASTING 360 and INDYGIRL WORLD INTERNATIONAL for facilitating a sharper focus on the devastation of domestic violence. All my love, Mary Elise Wheat, St. Louis, MO


Thank you god for this day I've been waiting for something like this to come for a long time know im 27 years old and I've always wanted to be on casting 360 nothing fells better then living life and doing waht i have to do so wants again thank you casting 360for your support and giving me this day to become a member



Casting360 Is an amazing helpful tool to get you in to acting careers. Helps prepare you and gets you, use to being front of the camera. Been a member for almost a month and had gotten so many calls. I say just apply for anything that makes you comfortable its fun, I promise.


I just joined less than a week ago and I'm already getting emails to do Print Ads for Target and Commercials for the XL Pill. for Beats by Dre by Dr. Dre I'm so excited pray that I get the Lord I need this and I want this THANK YOU. Casting360...


Giving a big thanks to Casting360 for the foundation and platform they have given me! I currently have some possible future projects as I've completed a couple of auditions since coming on board within the last month. Really excited for what the future holds & you should be too! Best of luck ;)


Well there it is and I'm finally on this Casting360 and I'm so thankful to the lord that I'm on here to be able to be in an movie acting and I'm very talented in certain thing and hopefully that I wilk get my blessing that I've always wanted to do or be in life and never give up on for what you aiming to do with yourself and life, and hopefully one day that I will become that movie star actor or whatever God will allow me to do and one thing that I'm not gonna do is backdown I'm gonna go for it and that I'm so proud to be on this Movie.

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