I fell upon Casting360 early this past month and it has brought me great opportunities. I will be starring in a promotional video empowering young women. I have also received an audition for a major play and landed a role in an upcoming feature film of 2018! Thank you Casting360. If you put in the work, you will get rewarded!


Thank you to make me part of this great opportunity to i'm sure many more will suscribe and get their best !


Recently was an extra on "Rouge Hunter". Great experience. Thanks casting call.


Casting360 has done it YET again!!!! Allowing us casting agents to network with models on their site to find some of the best talent.

We've worked with more than 30 models here and still working with more. Worked with a great teen model just today who brought her A Game and was fiercer than 75% of those we've given photo shoots in the past 2 months.

If you didn't know...Casting360 Member Evie Cherie, a professional print model, received her very first cover on a New York Fashion Magazine cutesy of DeUnique Photography. There's a handful of Casting360 members who also was published in the same magazine.

Because of Casting 360, we've been able to give models something that was not obtainable to them be published and made 2 ladies COVERMODELS!


Hello, everyone. I just got finish doing a magazine shoot with Mr. Bruce with DeUnique Magazine. It was wonderful working with Mr. Bruce I really enjoyed the photo shoot today. Can't wait to see the magazine. Everybody check him out and be ready for the release to come out soon. So Excited. Thanks to 360 again and again. Everyone keep posting and keep dreaming.


Hey guys, its been one week from me and have got one opportunity already. Im excited for more. Encouraging to see you succeed.


Hi, I just completed another audio audition.


I was called for The Expendables, Pirates of the Caribbean II, Star Trek Beyond, and a sitcom to confirm be an extra. My only contention is that I was teaching or overseas on vacation each time I was called and could not get home to send my confirmation on time. Very frustating, but I will keep trying and hope to be accessible the next time.


So Blessed to be apart of an Improv Play (Diner Detectives) So much fun. The shows are weekly. Private and Public. I have accepted a role in a movie that will come out in 2018. So excited and ready to work! God is so GOOOOOOD!
Thank you Casting360..8-)


The episode that I was in. BAR RESCUE. .BACK TO THE BAR. aired tonight and I thought I missed it it was so awesome seeing myself and the show how it came out ..Well you seen a lot of the back of me( Awesome choice of blouse if I do say so myself ) a few face shots- heard me a lot ... Bar Rescue back to the bar... Was so much fun and an honor to meet and Shake Jon Taffer's hand....thank you Casting360 for those amazing awesome opportunities moments

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