I have an audition, I'm so excited. Thank you so much casting 360


Im so ecxited I(rofl) got called in cant wait "Thank you !!!


Thank you casting 360 i cant wait for the audition.


Hello everyone I have an audition on December 27 in CA. I want to thank casting 360 for giving me a chance for something new. I am nervus a bit but I know I will be ok because I have GOD on my side! GOD is good all the time! Thank you GOD for this new advencture!


High everyone, yes that is correct. I've recently spent the last few months of my life going to places and experiencing many habitual controversies to obtain the goal of being acknowledged. I would love to thank Casting360 for helping me reach this level in my credibility. Dead or alive, I'm the transparent medium and only few have been able to still connect. My recent discoveries about my skill set have led me to bigger and better things and my one wish is to give back so others can feel the relief of stress lifted right off of the shoulders. If you are reading thank you. Now keeping my humor I love to say *in my Soulja Boy voice* LOOK MOMMA WE MADE IT!


Yes!! I've been accepted in the Target ad .YAYYYY:). Just waiting on this call back and it will be the time,. Yes:).. I'll keep you posted with all the upcomings '). Thanks for the likers and supporters I promise I want let you down :). THANK YOU C360 :*


Want to that casting360 for opening up to me and love my work talent as much as I love persuading it. This is my dream. All my work done so far is credit by me and I just want to thank you for liking them and working with me on your time.


I'm thankful for this site. I just got a part in a movie! I've read the script and I'm excited that I'm going to be playing one of the lead roles!! Thank you ....I will let everyone know how it all goes!!


I have been a member for less than a week and I got a hit day before yesterday. It is a great opportunity and I am super excited. Wish me luck!!

Submit submit submit!!! You will get it!! Good luck to you all!! I hope your dreams come true.


Thank you Casting 360, I am participating in The National Modeling Showcase, as well as have an audition with an author, as well as a vocal audition with same author. I am eager to begin to pursue acting again. Its been ten years since I've been an actress on stage.I am excited to see what else this brings me in my near future

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