Just got off the air almost shed a tear but very happy on the new things to come with Edgar Walter Alexander Jr. and the new family....of very talented diversity fellow cast members and team..
thanks again for the awesome opportunities to come.


I am amazed at the response I've received since applying and submitting my profile for different projects. I've been contacted by a few casting producers and look forward to the experience of competing for these roles. Many thanks to Casting360 for being such an easy and inviting platform for people trying to get their feet wet in this industry. Real jobs....doesn't get any better. Good luck to everyone in pursuit of their dreams.


Thank you casting360 for everything...I am learning so much... I am glad to work with you..


Thank you Casting360! I got an offer to do a voice over and auditioned and got the part. The cartoons scheduled to be released Dec 20, 2016! I can't wait it was so much fun. I now have several other offers...fingers crossed.


Signing up for Casting 360 was a good choice for me. I'm glad the Lord led me here. First of all I got into John Casablanca and I'm learning valuable acting skills. Now I auditioned for the murder mystery company and I got offered a job there. Thank you Lord and thank you Casting 360 for letting me know about the audition!


Just want to give a really big shout-out to all casting 360 team members. You guys are awesome and thank you for continuing appreciating the many contacts as one someone told me once before no contact is a lost contact and all casting 360 members it's awesome everybody can come to one place to fill all their dreams and have so much support from one another.......


Thank you casting 360, i got a call yesterday for a TJ Max photo shoot!!!!


Co hosted Friday Night Jam again last night was cut down to an hour due to Circus tickets for the boss still had a blast.. excited for today's event open house over at tilting Closet in Long Beach from 2 to 6 for checking out the Allens- syndicated sitcom... and OMG crossing fingers toes legs arms and heart.. submitted for the soap opera coming out and got the invitation to apply and do a 2 monologue audition and send in info required..excited... that's I even made it that far that means people are looking at me and that's one step closer to my dream would be awesome if I get this part I am playing for two different supporting character Roles... thank you so much casting360 you're awesome for all the connections to my dream coming true


Hello everyone I was just in a play as an extra. Thank You Cashing 360
my dream is coming together piece by piece.


Iam waiting on tj maxx photo shoot as well and to be an exta would be nice as well if needed

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