The first day after I joined Casting360 a director called me about being on a reality show.. I'm very excited, thanks Casting 360..:)


I'm loving Casting360, ohyeah!


Such an amazing opportunity thanks casting 360 and to all the directors who have got in touch with me for anything! ...touch of inspiration to everyone on this site. ..keep your heads up your time is coming!!!


Today i had my first audition through casting360 .For the most part i had fun with it. thank you casting360.


I first want to Thank all of you who liked my Testimonial & Let yall know I received email from the agency saying they want to meet with me ," I'M GOING IN KNOWING THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE "& I'll post it for your confidence the moment i get back home . I'll say this the only thing stand in your way is you at a moment like this so tell you move over just a little and let mine step in an go shine, unless the part is not for you, you will know if it is and they will too, but if it is and seems it ant but they have a feeling it is they may still work with you to bring you to the perfection they see in you knowing it's for you , So all ways keep self insurance & let them be the policy holder , once approved every body have a Blessed out come. First I like to Thank God , then thank all of you Peace N Love from Fella.


Thank you casting360 for my very first audition I attended to on last Saturday. I never had an audition before, so regardless what the answer was going to be, I was so excited to get a call back. I must say I had so much fun. I've been with casting360 for 2 weeks and I received my call after the first week. Looking forward to more calls


Hi, I just got my first casting call, but the only thing is I need a partner for the audition to go on a game show. Contact me if your interested.


I have been with Casting 360 for about a week and I love the results!! :) Casting Directors have been contacting me about acting and modeling. A dream come true :)


CASTING 360, your really wonderful and gave me the nod to go ahead and push for what I wanted. You offered me lessons via video, and received my Certificate. I did receive some calls and as I mentioned earlier, I am very serious and would not just take anyone offer. Somehow, after I did send a note to a Casting Director, it seemed that the part was all ready given out (a commercial), then I received a call from this Casting Director's relative several seeks later, out of the blue, that is also in the business and I've decided after talking with her to sign her up as my Manager. I have now started taking Acting Lessons w/her on top of what you have given me, I am told that I do have the Talent needed and as soon as I am finished and certified, will be getting into commercials and even some extras. I am very happy and satisfied with the woman (Manager) I am working with and I also did a self recording (a new and possible up and coming reality show) for another Casting Director and received pay for it. I want to thank all of you for this opportunity and wish all my talent friends get what they want, and the Casting Directors do well in their endeavors. We will always be friends. Thank you again for your encouragement and well wishes to all that like my first Testament.

Marcia (Marci) Insler


I been in the casting360 for couple days and the casting directors already talking to me about acting and modelling .And casting360 is good so far (: i hope i can start soon !

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